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luck of heroes feat

Reborn Hero (3.5e Template) - Dungeons and Dragons Wiki

Luck of Heroes. ( Forgotten Realms Campaign Setting, p. 36) [General]. Your land is known for producing heroes. Through pluck, determination, and resilience, your people survive when no one expects them to come through. Regions: Aglarond, Dalelands, Tethyr, the Vast.
Luck of Heroes. ( Oriental Adventures, p. 64) [Ancestor]. You are descended from the quick-footed and quick-witted Hiruma, the archetypal hunter and scout. Clan: Crab. Click to Play! luck of heroes feat


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Type of feat: Background, Prerequisite: 1st level background trait, or Cleric with Luck domain...
Type of feat: general Prerequisite: Can only take this at first level. Specifics: The character...

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THis feat gives a +1 luck bonus to all saves. Is this better/worse/balanced with the other save feats ( iron will, lightning reflexes, and great fortitude)? I was just kinda wondering what people thougt.
If you take a look at various Fighter archetypes, you will see that they always manage to luck into possessing some incredibly useful and powerful magical artifacts that enable them to do their heroic deeds. Sadly, normally no such support is given in the D&D rules set. Thus, this feat: Feat: Luck of Heroes ...
Just take a strongheart halfling and spend the bonus feat for luck of heroes and you will have an improved regular halfling with an extra AC. TheCobra. 05-11-07, 07:15 PM, Except that regular halflings get a racial bonus on saves, not a luck bonus. At higher levels, at +1 luck bonus to saves can be pretty ...
Just wondering if anyone knows / has tested this. AC bonuses are far and few, and this seems far too easy if you ask me. This feat offers a +1 Bonus to all saving throws AND a +1 Luck bonus. Firstly, what is a luck bonus? from other searches i can find it in relation to Dodge, which implies being caught flat ...

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We take a look at the overpowered Lucky feat in 5th edition Dungeons & Dragons and why it is broken. Plus we suggest. 125, PH), which gives a PC advantage on a key roll during an adventure, is supposed to represent that magical stroke of luck heroes get during crucial moments. That fortune of the ...
Luck of Heroes. Type of Feat: Background Trait. Prerequisite: Can only take this feat at 1st-level, Cleric Domain: Luck, or Swashbuckler level 11. Specifics: Character gains a +1 bonus on all saving throws as well as a +1 luck bonus to Armor Class. Use: Automatic. Return to Top ...
Spell Penetration: Add your Luck bonus (if any) to the cast level check, instead of doubling the feat bonus. You may.. As a result, I stopped using the stat as ablative for hero point/luck point purposes and do that separately.. The Pathfinder Advanced Player's Guide also includes a Hero Point mechanic.
4th) add 5 feats 1)Area jinx, 2)Metamagic: widen spell(a prereq), 3)blast of jinx, 4) The 4th feat is where you can spend your action/hero points to pass your, 5) can't remember. 5th) Have your Deity/God be of travel/ luck/ thievery - basically any that allows you to state that you are rolling a pair of dice to take ...

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Some available feats are only a choice at the first pick and are not available after the first level.
Which ones would you choose or ignore and why?
Luck of hereos Strong soul Corteous magocracy Silver palm And probably some others too Artist Blooded Bullheaded Courteous Magocracy Silver Palm Snake Blood Thug - Should be level 1 only acording to the manual, but isn't.
These I find are generally not worth 'it' if you want to make your character as effective as possible.
I do select them from time to time though, for roleplaying reasons rather than optimal character builds.
The reason I'd not soon select them is that there are many feats doing more than giving a total +4 skillpoints or saving throws which only apply under specific circumstances resist taunt, against poison.
I also tend to ignore initiative most of the time, a +2 luck of heroes feat on a d20 roll isn't too significant.
If I do want to go with initiative, there are other feats to pick.
Luck of Heroes Strong Soul These two could be worth the effort.
Since I prefer rogue characters who already have tons of pain the game jacksepticeye and, through dexterity, initiative, and are weak mostly in the will and fortitude save departments they do complement the character most.
A total +3 bonus spread among your saving throws is sure to help a good amount, and Strong Soul does something similar with greater focus on facing and surviving death magic from wizards giving you a +2 save there.
Mostly though, I pick the feats because they may fit the character's background.
I'd pick dirty fighting if I thought it'd be luck of heroes feat character.

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