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11:55WSOPE Event #11 - Main Event Final Table · 4:002017 WSOP Europe Event #11 - Day 5 · 3:592017 WSOPE Event #11 - Main Event · 10:162017 WSOPE Event #11 - Main Event Day 3 · 3:342017 WSOPE - Event #11 - Main Event Day 2 · 5:44WSOPE Event #9 - No-limit Hold'em high roller · 5:26WSOP Europe 2017 ...
888poker Qualifier Marti Roca De Torres is the 2017 WSOPE Main Event Champion (€1,115,207).. Only 12 players remained in contention for Day 5 and among those was also defending champion Kevin MacPhee, who won his second WSOP Bracelet in the Spielbank Berlin and €883,000 back in 2015. MacPhee won a. Click to Play! livestream wsope berlin


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Matous Skorepa Wins Third Czech Bracelet at the 2017 WSOPE; Crowned THE COLOSSUS Champion (€270,015). Among the other finalists was Makarios Avramidis, who won the first-ever bracelet for his home country at the 2015 WSOPE in Berlin, and the Greek had to settle for 5th place and €68,771 this time around.
Day, Date Time, Tournament, Guarantee, Buy-In + Service. Tue,, 27.02.2018 20:00, King's Mega Stack Turbo, 3.500 EUR *, 55 EUR + 5 EUR. Wed,, 28.02.2018 20:00, King's Big Stack Turbo, 3.000 EUR *, 45 EUR + 5 EUR. 1st - 19th March WSOP Circuit 2018 SPRING FESTIVAL. Thu. 01.03.2018 16:00, Satellite for WSOP ...

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2015 WSOP EUROPE LIVE STREAMING SCHEDULE. Spielbank Berlin Casino, Berlin, Germany. As part of the coverage of the 2015 World Series of Poker Europe in Berlin, German, ten WSOP gold bracelet events will be live web streamed from the location. Seven of the events (Events 1-4 & 6-8) will ...
2017 World Series of Poker Europe (WSOPE) Czech Republic. King's Casino, Rozvadov 19 October - 10 November 2017. WSOP Season 2017 · Schedule (46) Live Streaming Subscribe to Updates Add to Facebook ...
WSOPE: Main Event Approaching Final Table and High Roller Day 2 Live Stream - Huge day at the WSOPE in Berlin. The Main Event has 11 players remaining with Kevin MacPhee as the chip leader, and Erik Seidel and Lucky Chewy right behind. Meanwhile, the High Roller event has 16 players left on ...
WSOPE Berlin 2015 Updates - watch the WSOPE final table stream live on Twitch between 8-24 October at Spielbank Berlin Casino, Germany - WSOP Europe 2015.

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Want a slice of the action? Play poker and win a seat for the next tournament here: https://www.clubwpt.com.
An Tag 3 des World Series of Poker Main Events wird es heiß im Berliner Spielbank Kasino. Es sind.
XP Grinding livestream - Call of duty: Infinite Warfare Nilz' K. Live now · SO HABE ICH ES GESCHAFFT.
If it's an odd-numbered year, it must mean that the World Series of Poker Europe is on the agenda. Now in its 10th incarnation (the first WSOP-E was played in 2007), the WSOP-E is visiting its fourth different country (following London, United Kingdom, Cannes and Paris, France, and Berlin, Germany) in ...

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Today in the 3-Bet we find some early 2015 WSOPE sweats, a DFS scandal with poker ramifications and Alex Jacob fans prep for the Jeopardy!
The begins tomorrow with and 10 more gold bracelets to adorn the wrists of poker players.
Meanwhile, former EPT Grand Final champ Mohsin Charania has his own concerns: My first Europe sweat!
We have 4 hours to hold before takeoff — Mohsin Charania chicagocards1 Tune in tomorrow for the answers!
And interviews and reports from our PL team live on the scene in Berlin.
Why online poker is still illegal in the US except for three states ofc and DFS runs free is another question, but the added attention to the idea proprietary data could be used in unscrupulous fashion is a big first-step in slowing the industry down before anything truly horrible does happen.
The same could have been said for if the government jumped in early and las vegas brunch off the strip Americans regulated, secure online poker from the beginning.
It's hard not to imagine the future of both DFS and online poker linked closely so it could even be the impetus we need to get it all under scrutiny and regulation sooner rather than later.
More on the scandal from.
Follow it on Twitter at DKLeak.
Tournament of Champions For a guy whoformer poker pro Alex Jacob is certainly one of the most popular if polarizing champs of all-time.
Poker fans and similar competitive-minded folk couldn't get enough of Jacob's aggressive, button-mashing, board-hopping style.
Either way he made for great television so fans and haters alike should be excited for his return in the upcoming Tournament of Champions: Since Alex mentioned it on tonight'sI guess it's safe to tell you guys that the Tournament of Champions is airing Nov.
Fortunately online qualifiers for the contest have swung into high gear over the last week so you have a ton of options to qualify on the cheap.
RedBet, Betsson Running Satellites The Battle of Malta Some of the biggest online poker sites in the world including 888poker, Ladbrokes and Betssafe are running satellites for the 2015 Battle of Malta.
Once again the competition will take place entirely at the five-star Hilton Hotel in beautiful St.
For more information just head over to our.
One of the worst is when railbirds try to engage in a conversation with a player.
Especially if the railbird wants to discuss a specific hand the target recently lost.
You need to balance your range.
Slow Roll Why do people do this?
Odds high he won't notice.
And perhaps make people think you are the fool you are.
Fake a Timing Tell See above.
For the same reasons.
Nobody will notice and nobody cares.
Hit 'n' Run The only reason to hit 'n' run is to cut down your losses because you obviously are a fish.
You will telegraph that you are indeed a fish and make yourself a target for the regulars you're playing with if you do this.
Tell Bad Beat Stories in the Chat Box Nobody cares and nobody listens.
Your friends are only pretending to listen.
So why don't you understand they only pretend, too?
Do you really think anybody is interested in your online?
Do you think anyone reads the chat box?
The only one interested is the one putting the beat on you.
And he's laughing out loud at you in front of his screen.
Min-Click You accomplish nothing poker-wise.
So this is your revenge?
Does it make you feel better in front of the mirror?
Do you feel powerful when you raise?
Min-clicking will not grow hair on your chest and is very exploitable in poker.
Try to Explain Your Bad Play Nobody is interested in hearing your flawed reasoning for the bad play you just made.
That goes especially for the guy you just put the bad beat on by playing like a donkey.
Destroy Things Do you throw a cup at the wall after a bad beat?
Punch through your screen?
If so, you really need counseling.
Mike Matusow had counseling - as he told us in his book.
He's thrown at least one laptop in the pool after a bad beat.
Challenge an Opponent H2H After You Lose a Pot So you lost a pot?
It happens all the time.
So you think he played bad?
It happens all the time, too.
So you challenge him to heads-up?
Be careful what you wish for.
Heads-up is a different game so you can't prove anything by him declining.
I used to spew around a lot on purpose.
Which was the whole reason to begin with.
The fish was hooked.
To make it more pathetic you can challenge someone to a lower limit than you're playing at the moment.
To make it even more pathetic you can make a short buy-in at the heads-up table.
I've seen it many times.
But the most pathetic thing you can do is challenge someone to heads-up and then back out when he accepts.
Tilt Away Your Bankroll I've never tilted away my bankroll.
Neither live nor online.
Fight challenge just pathetic.
Why do people do that?
I sometimes go hot in the head and start to play bad.
But I would never blow my bankroll.
Committing suicide to your bankroll must be the dumbest thing you can do.
Your opponent behaves badly and is rude.
Swear back at him if need be, but threatening him is just so pathetic.
I have been challenged to a fistfight on a few occasions at the poker table and invited to the parking lot.
When I've accepted they've chickened out every time.
There's nothing more embarrassing than being called on such a bluff.
Talk about losing your mojo at the table.
There's nothing more stupid than anonymously threatening another anonymous person.
I've seen someone living in Australia threaten someone living in Norway.
The only thing I can think of is that it makes him feel good with one hand on the mouse and the other one on the extra bellybutton.
About Ken Lennaárd: Sweden's most controversial poker blogger Ken Lennaárd has been around the professional poker circuit for almost 20 years.
He's now bringing his singular poker voice to the English world via PokerListings.
Look for new posts every Monday, Wednesday and Friday.
Note: Opinions expressed in this blog are those more info the author and do not represent the views of PokerListings.
Of course Ben86 did win the.
Visit The PokerListings Daily 3-Bet is a shiny dress shirt, an overworked heart monitor and one spectacular, sweaty moment in the afternoon poker news sun.
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Today in the 3-Bet we find Rafael Nadal off the poker team, an opportunity for Amaya in the DFS world and the once-glorious future of the Mansion Poker Dome.
When Rafael Nadal it was one of the biggest, most buzzed about happenings in poker since, well, ever.
Gone but not forgotten.
His departure from the team sometime over the past couple of months?
Not so buzzed about.
No official statement has been released but based on the it appears Nadal is no longer officially representing the brand.
All that will go for naught, we guess.
It's more than likely an ending-of-contract thing of course but it's worth taking a short pause to pour one out for perhaps the biggest poker signing in history.
He may have given way to Cristiano Ronaldo and Neymar but the association of a major mainstream icon like Nadal to the recovering world of poker back then has more than likely helped push poker on its path back to viability in many markets in the world.
It and your work is appreciated.
You know the old saying: Whenever God closes a monopoly door via an insider trading scandal, a window opens for a competitor to grab its market share.
We're paraphrasing, sure; but that's the gist.
The is wreaking a bit of havoc on the nascent Daily Fantasy Sports market at the moment with industry kingpins DraftKings and FanDuel under the pump for poor "self-regulatory" standards.
Enter one of the most licensed, regulated companies in the world - and one that has already paid its dues and massive fines for operating under a less-than-universal legal framework.
Amaya, the parent company of PokerStars, entered the Fantasy Sports world this summer.
It's yet to make a big push into the market to compete with the Big Two but given and the scrambling of DK and Fan Duel to save face this could be the time to make a move.
Eric Hollreiser, Head of Corporate Communications for Amaya Inc.
We'll see soon enough.
Remember the most futuristic poker superstructure ever imagined?
How about the most unique, high-tech poker tournament of all time?
Few poker fans among us remember the 43-week!
So what was so futuristic and high-tech about it?
Played in front of live audience in structure called "The Poker Dome" Audience couldn't be seen or heard by players; players couldn't talk with outside world Table had LED display for dealer button, hole-card cams, RFID cards and built-in LED hand timers 15-second shot clocks.
Blockbuster was still a thing so we'll give it a pass.
Interesting side notes: Survivor's Boston Rob played and Matt Savage was Tournament Director.
Mansion Poker is also still a thing.
Check out Episode 1 below: Visit A healthy ego is a must-have for successful poker pros but some of the best poker players on the planet have no problem pointing at Jason Koon as one of the most talented and likeable people in poker.
That kind of endorsement means a lot when it's coming from four of poker's top five all-time live tournament earners plus a handful of the most respected players in the game.
During production of the short documentary that followed Koon playing the biggest buy-in events of the year in Las Vegas, PokerListings spoke to Phil Ivey, Daniel Negreanu, Erik Seidel, Antonio Esfandiari, Phil Galfond, Ben Lamb, Doug Polk, Jason Mercier, Liv Boeree and Nick Rampone about what makes Jason Koon so special.
He was pretty wild which I think hurt him a bit but he's gotten a lot better.
He's one of the top players out there now on the tournament circuit.
He's very engaged and very focused while at the same time maintaining a demeanor that's friendly and likeable.
It's awesome to be around.
He wants to be really good and he tries really hard and it shows.
So far the tournament has attracted over 130 players with Jeffrey Lisandro, Kevin MacPhee, Brian Hastings and Sylvain Loosli.
Hastings, Gorodinsky Hunt WSOP POY Mike Gorodinsky While a few notable players — such as Daniel Negreanu — have opted to forgo WSOPE this year there are some fantastic story lines as the 2015 WSOP season comes to a close.
Other potential contenders include Anthony Zinno 1,942 pointsPaul Volpe 1,889 points and Shaun Deeb 1,803 points.
Phil Hellmuth also made the trip in hopes of winning a.
Interestingly the WSOPE will be live streaming via Twitch.
Have something you want to see featured in a future 3-Bet?
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Today in the 3-Bet we find the Borgata go to the thesaurus, Alex Dreyfus and the GPL already under fire and the Click the following article Main Event graphically illustrating poker's dude problem.
Even Nucky's like wha?
A quick refresher: Ivey and a companion over a few high-stakes sessions in 2012.
The claiming Ivey Edge Sorted.
Iveysaying he did edge sort but the Borgata similarly seeks an advantage over players by plying them with alcohol and flirty waitresses.
Yesterday the Borgata filed a claim asking for Ivey's countersuit to be thrown out suggesting it amounts to "gimcrackery" - aka "cheap, showy, useless trifles.
We're gonna go back and see which episode of Boardwalk Empire they got it from.
A judge will hear the request on Nov.
More from The State.
Give Dreyfus credit, though.
One of the newest?
His use of the word "guys" in.
Speaking to writer Emanuel Maiberg Dreyfus was quoted as saying "I want to see six guys versus six guys raging against each other.
Statistically, there will be at least 3 female players out of 60.
More from Dreyfus on Twitter.
Now on Day 5 with under 80 players left and only two women, this livestream wsope berlin appeared on screen: Buried under the play button there you can see the cold, hard facts about the dearth of women in poker in 2015.
Just 252 of the 6,450 players in this year's Main Event were women.
Any way you slice it, or explain it away with Ladies Events or the success of a few of the game's top women, that seems like a problem.
Well, we're not sure.
But we're pretty confident Step 1 is listening to Cate Hall more: I wish there was more loud dick-measuring about football knowledge at the poker table.
The tame start didn't bother Brits Oliver Price and Stephen Chidwick any, however, as they head the group of 35 survivors moving on to Day 2.
Price, a former cash-game player who's spent the past year suddenly crushing the tournament circuit, took the outright chip lead at 171,000 with a big last level.
He leads Germans Frederic Schwarzer and Alexander Debus who bagged up 122,900 and 112,000 for second and third.
Italian Giacomo Fundaro sits with with 104,600.
Also off to a good start is Chidwick, the 1 ranked British player in the Global Poker Index.
Chidwick finished with 84,200 to sit just outside the Top 5.
Pescatori Eyes Bracelet 5 Other notables still in contention for the money, which begins at spot 21, include Italy's Max Pescatori, coming off a.
Pescatori presses for 5.
The first European to win four bracelets, a fifth would put Pescatori in even more elite territory alongside John Juanda, Stu Ungar and Scotty Nguyen.
Americans Andrew Lichtenberger, Scott Clements, John Racener and Dylan Linde also moved on to Day 2.
The current Top 10: 1.
Oliver Price 171,000 2.
Fredric Schwarzer 122,900 3.
Alexander Debus 112,000 4.
Giacomo Fundaro 104,600 5.
Ongun Yagci 86,000 6.
Stephen Chidwick 84,200 7.
Max Pescatori 75,300 8.
Benjamin Einert 72,500 9.
Artur Koren 70,800 10.
It was one of the biggest tournaments ever played on 888poker.
Starting stacks were 15,000 chips and the blind levels lasted 20 min.
Details on the whole series of events 888poker willo host in early 2016 will be published in the coming weeks.
Check back here in the 888poker news section to find out more.
Expect the Unexpected You can also use the steps satellites on 888poker for other events like livestream wsope berlin Battle of Malta.
Visit We're already one-quarter of the way through the NFL regular season.
How did that happen?
Time surely flies when you work hard.
Injuries change everything and you need to be a busy beaver to stay ahead of the game.
Dolphins Head Coach Joe Philbin has been fired.
That was one week too late as he clearly had lost the locker room beyond the point of no return.
I surely have beaten the market.
There's a lot of variance in sports and I could have easily been up a lot more with a little bit of luck.
Results Week 4 Sides: 4-4, -0.
I keep of entry casinos in las vegas for the same reason.
Disclaimer 2: Most people underestimate the standard deviation of sports betting, just like they do in poker.
If you want to be a serious bettor set aside a bankroll and only bet 1% of the bankroll on a single bet.
This is the steal of the year.
The rookie sensation will be force-fed the ball against the Packers who have problems stopping the run.
He'll give you an excellent start.
Always a good choice when healthy, which he is now.
The Titans D is not any thing special and the Bills lack other weapons due to injury.
Expect Clay to put up good-to-great numbers at a bargain price.
He always seems to be forgotten.
QB Phil Rivers put up the most points last week and will have no trouble lighting up the board against the Steelers.
Allen is his go-to guy.
Jacksonville Jaguars Tampa Bay Buccaneers The Buccaneers have lost 11 straight games at home.
I kind of like them in this spot against an even worse team in the Jaguars.
But usually it's best to stay away from two bad teams playing against each other.
It's probably going to be an ugly game decided by mistakes.
Mistakes usually means points, as does bad defenses.
Buffalo Bills Tennessee Titans The Bills' offense is built around a strong running game.
Their top back LeSean McCoy will miss the game and it sounds like his replacement Karlos Williams may as well.
The Titans have las vegas a lot of people.
http://promocode-slot.win/las-vegas/gaming-supplies-las-vegas-nevada.html mostly thanks to rookie QB Marcus Mariota, who is playing at a really high level.
I like the Titans here but I'm afraid Mariota is due a bad game while perhaps being a bit too overconfident.
If I can get +3 on the Titans I will drink myself some Mariota love potion.
Cleveland Browns Baltimore Ravens The Ravens have not been good this year but they're a much better team than the Browns.
I looked long and hard on the Ravens at -6.
The problem is it looks like the bookies want you to bet them with under a TD in handicap.
The stats suggest it's bad to bet home favorites at -6.
It is a divisional game.
QB Joe Flacco lacks his only WR weapon in Steve Smith and Browns CB Joe Haden will be back.
I think Under is the way to go.
Bet: Under 43, -104, 1 unit Washington Redskins Atlanta Falcons The Redskins visit web page the right side.
Their run defense is good and if they stop Falcons RB Devonte Freeman that will go a long way.
The Falcons have looked good in four straight wins but luck has been involved, too.
But I have to try them if I can get +7.
Chicago Bears Kansas City Chiefs The Bears are the worst team in the NFL.
After their win at home against the Raiders I think they let this one go without much fight.
The Chiefs are really undervalued now after three losses.
But those losses were against the Broncos, Packers and Bengals that are a combined 12-0.
The Chiefs' win was a blowout against the Texans, who are a much better team than the Bears.
You can clearly see it when he throws the ball.
The Saints are also getting key players back on defense.
The Eagles have gone under the total in all four games this season.
I think the other teams are learning Chip Kelly's offense.
It won't take much for this high click to see more to go under.
Bet: Under 49, -102, 1 unit St.
Louis Rams Green Bay Packers The Packers look really good and are a probably the best team in the league.
But the Rams have a great defense and now they have rookie RB Todd Gurley, who looked like a game changer in his debut last week.
He'll chew up clock and keep Packers QB Aaron Rodgers off the field.
Seattle Seahawks Cincinnati Bengals The Seahawks would probably exchange TE Jimmy Graham back for C Max Unger.
QB Russell Wilson has no protection and was sacked six times against the Lions.
They need RB Marshawn Lynch and he is probable for Sunday.
The defense has looked really good since Kam Chancellor came back.
The Bengals are a good team, too.
They're undefeated and this is their big chance to prove that they are elite.
Arizona Cardinals Detroit Lions The Cardinals are a good and well-coached team.
Those kinds of teams have a tendency to bounce back after a loss.
The Lions are not as good and not as well-coached.
Such teams have a tendency to not bounce back.
The Lions played well and were very close to winning away against the Seahawks.
Instead they are 0-5 and last year's playoff team knows the season is over.
I might play Cardinals.
New England Patriots Dallas Cowboys The Patriots will win this one easy.
The line opened up at -7.
I would love me some of that.
But now the line is -8.
The Cowboys need to run the ball to have any kind of success and they get two strong players back on defense.
The total seems pretty high for me.
Manning is finished and they're not blowing out anyone.
The Raiders have some potential and will certainly be up for this divisional fight.
Sometimes it's not more complicated than that.
QB Colin Kaepernick plays just horribly.
Do not back this team for the rest of the season.
They will try to run to milk the clock and make the game end as soon as possible.
And the season too I might add.
That kind of variance is not good if you want to bet under a low total.
So now he relaxes and the team relaxes and trusts him.
And then he lays a stink bomb.
He got help from the coaches by being conservative running a vanilla offense, and still his timing was off.
As WR Antonio Brown publicly acknowledged as well.
If the coaches ask more of him the interceptions will come as sure as the sun that day.
The Steelers need to establish the run and force-feed the ball to RB Le'Veon Bell, who could be the best in the business.
The Chargers were pretty good last Sunday.
Especially QB Philip Rivers, who did a good job even though 60% of his O-line was out.
He gets 20% back and will have no problem putting up points.
This is almost a 2-unit play for me and can very well be before the dust settles.
He's now bringing his singular poker voice to the English world via PokerListings.
Look for new posts every Monday, Wednesday and Friday.
Note: Opinions expressed in this blog are those of the author and do not represent the views of PokerListings.
Visit The PokerListings Daily 3-Bet is a jangly timepiece, a pickle-and-cheese sandwich and 1000s of riveted eyeballs on the afternoon poker news live stream.
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Today in the 3-Bet we find Stephen Chidwick proving Mike McDermott prescient, Phil Hellmuth's lust for gold bracelets stays strong and the legendary Luke Schwartz joins the Twitch poker army.
Movie hyperbole, sure, but still kinda remarkable the theory does seem livestream wsope berlin hold true, time and again, even 20 years later.
The 1 UK player in the - designed to measure exactly that, consistency in - Stephen Chidwick is proving it as we speak at the.
He'll hit the final day tomorrow third in chips with 354,000.
Joining him is fellow frequent final-tablist Marvin Rettenmaier.
The final six: S1: Stephen Chidwick - 354,000 59bb S2: Marvin Rettenmaier - 90,000 15bb S3: Ricardo Alvarado - 435,000 73bb S4: Frederic Schwarzer - 242,000 40bb S5: Paul Michaelis - 670,000 112bb S6: Makarios Avramidis - 179,000 30bb German Paul Michaelis is the chip leader.
Visit Here's another example of what separates the pros from the amateurs.
This hand is from a different tournament but the level of play is similarly world-class.
Here Panka sniffs out the value bet of Austrian Maximilian Senft at EPT Barcelona 2014.
Panka stack: 428,000; 53.
There's 52,000 in the pot.
The flop falls Panka checks.
Senft bets 22,000 and Panka calls.
There's 96,000 in the pot and they go to the turn Panka checks again.
Senft bets 44,000 and gets another call.
The pot grows to read article chips.
River is A third check from Panka.
Senft fires 55,000 and Panka gets rid of his hand after only a little contemplation.
Raising from middle position with Q9o is very loose but also typical for a player of his caliber.
The bubble has burst and he plays a wide range to accumulate chips.
Things become interesting on the flop.
Hands like nines or eights might call one bet but probably not two or three.
So a check is the logical move for Panka.
His hand is mediocre but has showdown value.
Panka wants to control the pot without making it unnecessarily big.
Senft decides to bet half the pot.
This could mean he has a good hand but it can also be an attempt to buy the pot with a hopeless hand.
There aren't many hands that sound realistic and that Panka can still beat — AA, KK, QQ, AQ, KQ, QJ, QT, 55, 54, 44 are all better hands than his — so calling is correct and sticking to the match plan.
History Repeats Itself History repeats itself on the turn.
Panka has no reason to bet because there are still hardly any worse hands that will pay him off.
There is, however, still a chance that his opponent bluffs.
So when he gets 3.
They've now made it to the river.
Panka continues with a last check and now Senft bets a third time.
No crying call here.
So why would he fold now?
Panka wonders what range Senft is giving him.
There are certainly middle pairs like JJ, TT, 99 and 88 in it — hands that try to control the pot and want to reach showdown against just one over card.
AQ, KK and AA would most certainly have bet the flop.
KQ is pretty much the only hand that makes sense and beats Senft.
So, Senft is betting for value.
He sizes his bet so it looks like it really wants to be called.
Amateurs would usually shrug and call in this spot, or maybe even cry and call.
But a top player like Panka manages to find check this out fold.
Conclusion Dominik Panka plays a marginal hand with top pair perfectly.
He controls the pot and eventually finds a strong fold.
Visit The 2015 World Series of Poker Europe rolled on through the weekend with the massive, four-flight Oktoberfest event.
Those 2k+ players have been sliced to just nine for today's final table with the UK's John Gale and American Steve O'Dwyer the marquee names.
Gale Keeps on Pushing Gale, who returned from a three-year poker hiatus to win his second WSOP bracelet this summer, will return with the chip lead at 2,892,000.
O'Dwyer sits just behind Brazilian Rodrigo Caprioli with 2,231,000.
The final table is being live streamed on a 30-minute delay with cards-up on twitch.
Avramidis Claims Event 1 Event 1 of the 2015 WSOPE came to its conclusion over the weekend with Greece's Makarios Avramidis claiming the first gold bracelet.
Makarios Avramidis Avramidis snuck past German bracelet winner and chip leader Paul Michaelis and the UK's Stephen Chidwick to claim his first-ever WSOP title.
The favorite coming in Chidwick was in control of the action for much of the play five-handed before losing four straight all-ins against short stacks to fade in fourth.
German Frederic Schwarzer was the runner-up.
Full details of the playdown can be found on wsop.
Event 4, Monster Stack No-Limit Hold'em is also underway.
Check for full reports later here on PokerListings.
You can always make suggestions for future 3-Bet pieces in the comments section below.
PokerStars will instead focus on its football stars Neymar Jr.
The company also just signed extreme sports athlete.
Well, he did win a charity tournament.
He also appeared in several high-profile advertisements, which likely raised awareness significantly.
After wrapping up the season Somerville broke down all the numbers on Twitch.
Time to take a break, bud!
The WSOPE is officially live on Twitch.
Check it out below: Visit It would have been fun to go to Berlin, play some cards, meet some friends and eat some good food Also, of course, to pick up a bracelet at the that now only plays every second year.
Because they Down Under too.
It Didn't End Well I played a tournament in Casino Marbella, Spain, as a satellite.
Table draw all the difference.
It was a re-entry tournament so I had several bullets to take me to the capital of Germany, but it started out bad.
But it didn't end well.
The Difference Couldn't Have Been Bigger I bled a little more before I gave up and went home to get a good night's rest before the tournament on Friday.
The seat draw was a dream.
My opponents all played the same; Limp-call preflop, check-call on the flop, and check-thinking-about-it-fold on the turn.
There was no doubt in my mind if I could play with these nice gentlemen the whole time I would be the chip leader at the dinner break.
I had increased my stack 30% joint hard rock las capacity the first level and started daydreaming about what restaurants to visit and what sights to see in glorious Berlin.
Then I was brutally awakened.
I got my big blind back and was pointed to another table in the other corner of the casino.
The average age was half and the raises doubled.
I got Kings and got raised on a flop of T-5-2.
As he had cold-called my three-bet on the button I put him on AA, QQ, JJ or TT.
Perhaps not the best spot in the world, and if in Berlin I would probably have folded.
So I showed and was beat into the pot by the set of tens.
There's Always the Year After Next Year I had some chips and time left to think and folded the next hand.
The hand after that I got Jacks and raised to 600 from middle position with the blinds 100-200 and ante 25.
The button saw the implied odds with his Jack-Ten off-suit and called to win the rest of my stack.
When the big blind folded I went all-in before the flop with all of my 825 remaining.
I could have reentered.
It was still early.
But the signs were clear.
So I went home instead.
At least I got a whole weekend with my family.
And at least I will not gain four pounds in Berlin like my friends who, without a doubt, will do some obscene indulgence.
Oh well; there's always next year.
Or, in this case, always the year after next year.
And in this case maybe not in Berlin either.
I guess Ich bin nich ein Berliner.
About Ken Lennaárd: Sweden's most controversial poker blogger Ken Lennaárd has been around the professional poker circuit for almost 20 years.
He's now bringing his singular poker voice to the English world via PokerListings.
Look for new posts every Monday, Wednesday and Friday.
Note: Opinions expressed in this blog are those of the author and do not represent the views of PokerListings.
Esfandiari celebrates the biggest poker win ever.
In the final stage of the event it was Esfandiari and young British pro Sam Trickett heads-up.
According to Esfandiari he knew it was going to end with his own victory.
I didn't even have that thought.
It was just so clear.
I just felt it that victory was mine.
It's like a dream that never goes away.
I remember that moment and I think back to that moment all the time and I wish I could relive it because nothing will ever come close to that.
It marks the first time expo las vegas aee German poker player has won a WSOP bracelet on home soil.
Oktoberfest Draws 2,000+ Entries John Gale The Oktoberfest tournament, which was roughly based meadowlands harness racing replays pity the in Las Vegas this summer, attracted 2,144 entries.
It was a new record for the WSOP in Europe.
From that point of the final table Dietrich Fast and John Gale were on a collision course that came to fruition in heads-up play.
Two jacks on the board effectively ended the tournament.
Feel free to fire suggestions for future 3-Bet pieces in the comments section below.
New official poker uniform?
You should tell GPI CEO Alexandre Dreyfus about it.
Dreyfus who we earlier today recently went on Twitter asking for suggestions from poker pros and fans.
Your idea might not be as far-fetched as you think.
Remember it was last week that the GPI introducedwhich is a portable poker arena that could be utilized in exotic locations like a famous stadium or right next to the Pyramids.
So what format would you like to see?
How about a 48-hour iron man-style event with absolutely no breaks?
You can make your own suggestions in the comments section below.
He is there because he thinks he is a favorite in the game and has studied it.
He probably thinks I'm overrated and suck at poker.
Middle aged white guy wearing a suit and tie- probably not a professional poker player.
Likely is a businessman who is going to be a losing player.
Elderly woman- she is there to enjoy herself and is probably a weak player.
Vietnamese guy playing 80-160 limit hold'em at Commerce- don't underestimate him.
He is probably really good and really tricky.
A true hustler who tries hard and will fight for every pot.
Korean guy playing 80-160 limit hold'em- might be a steamer.
Koreans tend to be really passionate people and if he gets stuck he might go on monster tilt and try to bluff at every pot.
Young Indian kid in a tournament- probably has a background in math, might even be a spelling bee champ or something.
Gotta watch out for those!
Perhaps the most amazing thing is that they are all still going strong as evidenced by this photo posted by Hellmuth at the WSOPE in Berlin.
Donnacha ODea, Per Hildebrand, Chris Bjorin, and I.
Case in point: After years of failed "Team Poker" events, Dreyfus organized the first-ever Global Poker Masters in March of this year.
Looking nothing like team events that had come before, the 8-team, Nation-driven affair drew heaps of doubt before it ever hit the ground.
Despite some early teething pains, - to many, at least - his 'sportify poker' dream had some legs.
His next great project, the 14-week Global Poker League due to launch in early 2016, will expand on those same 'sportifying' principles to take his mission to the next level.
Dreyfus and immediately began feeling the skepticism of the poker world via social media.
We met up with the French poker entrepreneur in Malta 24 hours prior to get a sneak peek at a few of his answers.
PokerListings: What's happened since the Global Poker Masters?
They were willing to wear their national jerseys.
The team spirit was there.
The players were willing to spend time for the event.
The ego factor kicked in and the bragging rights apparently were important enough, too.
The 30 second shot clock proved to be successful.
Live streaming on Twitch also showed that there is an audience who wants to watch an event like this.
Over a million viewers tuned in over the course of three days.
Alex Dreyfus: There will be three different arenas: the online arena, the studio arena and the live arena.
There will be weekly events online.
The GPI has built their own platform for that to be britainonline of the already existing poker clients.
They are not made for people to watch.
There will also be regular events in the studios located in Malta and the US.
None of them are going to be called tournaments, as the focus is shifting to the event character of poker.
There will be 6-max, heads-up and team events.
Phil's interested, Dreyfus says.
PokerListings: Which big-name players are already registered?
The draft process is not going to start before January.
The non-drafted players will also not be announced before the drafted players.
The product has to be finished and link to go before players will be approached.
PokerListings: Who are the investors?
Alex Dreyfus: No names have been officially disclosed.
At first the teams were supposed to have franchise names but then it was decided to separate the ownership from the direction of the team -- meaning that the owner can neither play nor tell the team what to do.
This, of course, makes it a lot more difficult to find sponsors.
Instead the teams will be named after the cities they are connected with.
This will make viewer identification and the generation of a fan base easier.
The target group of investors for the Global Poker League consists of NBA owners, hedge fund managers and high-profile sports and media people.
PokerListings: Is the GPL going to be connected to other non-poker events?
Alex Dreyfus: Possible, but unlikely.
The live events in The Cube could potentially be connected to other events.
Alex Dreyfus: The same, but completely different.
While the concept of poker will obviously stay the same the main focus of the GPL is to turn poker from a player-focused to a viewer-focused event.
As opposed to eight-hour live streams the events will not take longer than a football game with some matches only taking 30-40 minutes.
There will be shot clocks and digitized cards to speed up the action and make it more fun to watch.
There will be a format that has the goal to reduce variance.
Players will play standing up to give them the freedom just click for source show more body language, to put more physical pressure on opponents.
On the marketing side, with standing players, both front and back can be used to the maximum for sponsors, which is almost impossible in the regular, sitting format.
There will be two hosts plus a team of experts commenting on the events before, during and after — similar to the broadcasting format of football, basketball or other big sports events.
PokerListings: Why would anybody want to pay to see a live poker event when there's so much of it available online and on TV?
Alex Dreyfus: For the same reason people go and watch concerts or go to the cinema.
You can download music but people still go to concerts, because the experience is unique.
The GPL is a product that is much more than live streaming.
Nobody would pay to go and watch any of the big live poker tournaments there http://promocode-slot.win/las-vegas/casino-location-map-las-vegas.html today because it would be boring.
These are made for the players.
The GPL is made for the fans.
According to a survey by Sports and Entertainment Consultants Repucom 30% of the players would be willing to pay to watch the GPL- 1% would probably be enough to sustain it.
GPL Benchmark Data: -- Teams will have five or six players.
The sponsorship money will also be used to pay the players.

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